The Infinity Hot Yoga team is experienced, well-trained and qualified in health and fitness. Our certified hot yoga instructors want each client to fully realise his or her potential and achieve improved strength, flexibility and overall health through consistent and guided practice.

Infinity Management Team

Bridget is the co-founder of Infinity Hot Yoga and a lifelong fitness devotee. She is qualified in Bikram Yoga (2014) and Fierce Grace Hot Yoga (2015).

Bridget started her teaching career at the age of 16, by teaching lessons at a local Riding School. During her service in the Defence Forces she trained recruits and NCOs.  After 14 years’ service in the Defence Forces Bridget moved into fitness training and physical therapy, she has also completed an honours degree in Exercise and Health Fitness with the University of Limerick. She has been practicing hot yoga since 2007, drawn to it after watching a TV segment on Hot Yoga, Bridget decided to give it a try. She quickly realised that she had found a new passion.

“My first ever yoga class was a Bikram Yoga Class, it was so much harder than I expected! I loved the way it challenged me, both physically and mentally. I was instantly hooked.”

Bridget combines her vast experience as a military instructor, fitness trainer and physical therapist with her yoga teacher trainings to ensure a high standard of safe effective teaching practices at Infinity Hot Yoga. Her classes provide a calm nurturing space for you to let go of your daily stresses as she gently guides you through the postures, helping you to concentrate your mind on the present moment by using the combined power of breath and movement.

Julie is the co-owner and founder of Infinity Hot Yoga and holds a degree in sport and exercise sciences from the University of Ulster. After 10 years of practising hot yoga, she qualified as a Fierce Grace Hot Yoga instructor in 2015.

Julie has been involved in the sporting world in some form for most of her life. A former international 400m hurdler, Julie has worked as an elite performance coach across many sports including working with the south rugby academy team in New Zealand. When not teaching a yoga class, she can be found training athletes in her role as the elite performance coach with Armagh GAA.

After suffering an injury that ended her hurdling career, Julie experienced first-hand the healing, restorative power of hot yoga. A long-time fan of yoga, Julie found that the increased benefits of practising in a heated room helped her both physically and mentally through her recovery.

In 2016, she opened Infinity Hot Yoga with co-founder Bridget to bring the benefits of hot yoga to both new comers and experienced yogis.

As an instructor, Julie guides you safely through your hot yoga journey in a friendly, welcoming atmosphere. Expertly combining her athletic ability and experience working with elite athletes, Julie blends traditional yoga with functional movement to develop challenging, rewarding and enjoyable sequences. She will encourage you to challenge yourself and truly connect with each posture, so that you can enjoy the wonderful benefits of this unique workout.

Mitch is the co-owner & co-founder of Infinity Hot Yoga and holds an honours degree in exercise and health fitness from the University of Limerick. After 28 years’ service in the Irish Defence Forces Mitch retired and realised his ambition to run his own business in the health and fitness sector. Being a regular practitioner of hot yoga since 2007 Mitch was aware of the benefits of a regular practice.

For as long as he remembers, Mitch has had a passion for fitness, an avid runner and weight lifter, he just loves a good workout.  Since 2004 he has shared that passion with others by training fitness instructors with the NCEF (National Certificate In Exercise & Fitness). In 2017 he completed his Fierce Grace Hot Yoga Teacher Training and has moved into the next phase of sharing his love of exercise, fitness, health and wellbeing.

Mitch is loving his yoga lifestyle, and when asked about life lessons learnt he says that yoga has taught him to ‘let shit go’, and with his military service which included several overseas tours of duty to places such as South Lebanon, East Timor, Chad and Syria he has experienced a lot of ‘shit’.

He loves teaching classes, and whilst he does draw on his vast military and fitness experience when teaching, guiding you safely through your postures with clarity and military precision wrapped up in that all important, finely honed, army sense of humour, he also includes a gentle strength in his classes.