The condensed version of everything with some added surprises (+ some extra sets)! This is a super charged class designed to get you fitter faster. Suitable for all levels. Available ONLINE.
Developed by one of Ireland’s leading Strength and Conditioning Coaches, our very own Julie Davis. Julie has delivered this class to Ulster Rugby, Armagh Senior Football Team, Cork Senior Hurling Team as well as leading GAA Clubs from Kildare. This class is designed to improve functional movement, help prevent injury and promote recovery. With hip openers, back, hamstring & shoulder stretches, spinal mobilisation and core, pelvis, hip & shoulder stabilisation exercises. This is a beneficial class, whatever your activity or sport, and is ideal for field players, cyclists and runners. Suitable for all levels. 60 min version is available ONLINE.
An intermediate level class with flowing sequences mixed in with static postures, this class has postures that you know from the other classes but with more options for people who want to explore, expand & evolve their practice. Not Suitable for beginners. 60 min version is available ONLINE.
A mixed level class based on the practice of Lunar Flow, involves, breath led, slow rhythmic flowing sequences, followed by a lovely Yoga Nidra.  This class will soothe your body, mind & soul. Suitable for beginners.

General level class that includes, hip openers, deep twists, strengthening for upper body, bums and abs. It’s a combination of Hatha, Power and Ashtanga yoga, interval and core training and offers peak fitness, strength, flexibility and relaxation. This is the signature class of the Fierce Grace System, designed by Michele Pernetta and is suitable for all ages and levels. Available ONLINE.

This is the 60 minute version of the Fierce Grace Class. Available ONLINE.

Suitable for beginners and advanced students alike, this offers an instructional,relaxing floor based class. Designed to realign postural issues and release stress, the slower pace allows time to work with injuries, learn correct alignment and work on flexibility. Another great class from the Fierce Grace System, designed by Michele Pernetta. Available ONLINE.
Another great new hot yoga class from the Fierce Grace System. Awaken your primal instincts and get in prime condition. An evolution of the Classic Class.  The key foundation poses are coupled with a breath-led Warrior sequence, new poses, and groan inducing core and arm strengthening. The simplicity of the class is balanced by its power. A great foundation class. Suitable for newcomers and experienced alike. 60 min version is available ONLINE.
This class is a mix of yoga & pilates, giving you a balanced full body workout, developing core strength and dynamic flexibility. Suitable for all levels.
Heated Vinyasa flow now on twice a week, a morning 75 min class and a 60 min evening class. Vinyasa links body movements with breath to create a class that builds and flows from start to finish. Room is heated. Suitable for all levels. NOT ONLINE.
Mobilise, Align and Stretch, described by some as yoga physio this is a slower paced class with a focus on Hip mobility. Suitable for all levels. NOT ONLINE.
A great class to gently introduce you to yoga. A slow paced class in a mild heat. Foundation postures and gentle sequences are taught using correct breathing techniques and posture modifications, with straps and blocks to help guide you into correct alignment. This class is great if you’re new or returning to yoga, or if you are recovering from an injury, or if you just want a slower paced class. Room is warm but not hot. Suitable for all levels. NOT ONLINE.

If you’re looking for a slower paced class that opens your body and calms your mind then look no further. Our Winter Warm Yin class teaches you how to use your breath to help you relax and let go and to slowly explore the depths of your postures. Suitable for all bodies, uses a whole load of props to keep you safely supported throughout the postures. NOT ONLINE.

Short duration, high intensity Hot classes. Maximising your workout in the middle of your workday. Suitable for all levels. NOT ONLINE.
Hot Yoga Hatha
Hot Yoga for Rugby Players


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