Beginners Hot Yoga

This is a great way to gently introduce you to hot yoga. It’s slow paced and in a mild heat. Foundation postures and gentle sequences are taught using correct breathing techniques and posture modifications, with a focus on body awareness and correct alignment. This is the one for you if you’re :

  • New to hot yoga.
  • Returning to yoga
  • If you are recovering from an injury.
  • If you just want a slower paced class.

The room is warm but not heaters are not on. Suitable for all levels. 

The new name for the Infinity 60 class.

Infinity Essentials is designed to help you build a strong foundation for your INFINITY practice.

These are some of the foundation postures for your INFINITY toolkit.

Suitable for all levels and is beginner friendly.

60 Min movement class – Move, stretch, strengthen and breathe.
The new name for the Infinity 60 Plus class.

Building a stronger foundation for your INFINITY practice, adding to your toolkit, this version includes arm balancing options and stronger abs….

Suitable for all levels and is beginner friendly.

60 Min movement class – Move, stretch, balance, strengthen and breathe.
Evolve is an intermediate level class with flowing sequences mixed in with static postures.
This class has postures that you know from the other classes but with more options for people who want to explore, expand & evolve their practice.
This class is NOT Suitable for your 1st hot yoga class.
Equilibrium is a stretching based class, designed to help balance your yoga practice.
This class is focused on restoring pain free movement to spine & hips, while also restoring some additional head space.
It’s a perfect way to slow things down a little, so that you can de-stress and focus a bit more on tuning into your body & breath and re-aligning your posture.
Suitable for all levels. Beginner friendly.
The new name for Infinity Sports Yoga.
This is a great class for gentle Active Recovery.
Developed by one of Ireland’s leading Strength and Conditioning Coaches, our very own Julie Davis. Infinity has delivered this class to the Women’s Irish Hockey squad, Ulster Rugby, Armagh Senior Football Team, Cork Senior Hurling Team as well as leading GAA Clubs from Kildare.
This class is designed to improve functional movement, help prevent injury and promote recovery. The sequence has a host of great stuff, including hip openers, back, hamstring & shoulder stretches, spinal mobilisation and core, pelvis, hip & shoulder stabilisation exercises.
You don’t have to be sporty as this is a great class for any body, and a beneficial class, whatever your activity or sport, and is ideal for field players, cyclists and runners. Suitable for all levels. Beginner friendly.
We don’t teach Pregnancy Yoga at the studio, but we do have pre & post natal classes available on our ON DEMAND platform which is suitable for all levels and beginner friendly.
Please be advised that Hot Yoga is not suitable during your first trimester. Check out our FAQs if you would like to know more or you can email us at
60 min Recovery Room Session.
You don’t have to be sporty to avail of the benefits of our Recovery Room.
The session is fully supervised by our expert Recovery Room Coaches and you will be shown how to get the best out of your recovery session.
You can…
  • Refresh with a dip in our custom built Ice Bath
  • Relax in our 40 degree hot tub
  • Sweat it out in our Infrared sauna
  • Massage yourself with Foam roller or our Hypvervolt Massage Guns
  • Completely relax as you sit back and enjoy a double leg massage in our top of the range Normatec Compression Boots

Individuals can book into our Recovery Room Sessions where you could be sharing the room with 5 other people.

We also accept TEAM Bookings – phone Mitch at 087 2309256

Hot Yoga Hatha
Hot Yoga for Rugby Players


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