Hello from the team at Infinity Recovery Room. The great news is that we are reopening the recovery room on Thursday 09th July.  

Considering government guidelines, we have changed a few protocols and procedures in the recovery room to ensure maximum safety for all our clients and staff. We are really looking forward to getting you all back into your recovery room sessions and ask that you take a moment to read below for our new procedures. Your co-operation with these procedures is essential to help to maintain a safe environment for all. 

Our Procedures


Do NOT come to Infinity Recovery Room if you are feeling unwell or if you have any of the symptoms of COVID 19.

Please arrive only a maximum 15 to 10 mins before your session.

Any client Under 16 MUST be accompanied by a responsible adult.

If it's your first time to use our facility please complete our screening form when you arrive at reception.

Please be responsible and respect all other clients & staff.

In the interest of your safety and wellbeing pay attention to the notices at each location.

Parking: Remember that midweek daytime parking is restricted, so please be mindful where you park and use a K4 or unmarked space ONLY, otherwise you will be clamped (FYI the release fee is about €120). There are loads of unmarked spaces beside the hedge, less than 50m from our front door.

While You Are At Our Facility

Please sanitise your hands when you enter the premises, you can use the alcohol hand rub or good old soap & water at one of our seven washbasins. Remember to follow the HSE hand washing guidelines at each washbasin.

We recommend that you bring 2 Towels, wear suitable clothing for wet area, swimwear (OR shorts for men & Shorts & sports top for women), a warm top is recommended for wearing while in the boots. You will also need to bring water, we do sell bottled water.

We have secure guest WiFi, so if you want to listen to music / watch a movie on your phone / tablet please bring your earphones to avoid disrupting other clients.

If you want your full time in the wet area, then please arrive on time. If you arrive late for your session then you have less time in the wet area. There is no room for leeway if people are booked in for the next slot.

The baths do contain Chlorine, so do NOT wear contact lenses, please do not use if you are allergic, please read our health screening forms.

Please wipe down all equipment before & after you use it. We have placed sanitising equipment throughout the Recovery Room for your convenience. Please use the wipes for electrical items such as Normatec Consoles & Hypervolts & attachments.

If you are not sure just ask a member of staff.

The use of shower facilities is restricted, please read the notices carefully.

We are now cashless so if you need to pay at our facility please use your Card.

Keep your distance and as always please respect all of the other clients & staff at Infinity Recovery Room

Remember to be especially mindful when using doorways.

Please be self responsible and in the interest of everyone’s safety be familiar with and follow the Government Guidelines.


Structure for public sessions;
We are using a rolling start time...

Slots start every 20 mins; Max 2 clients enter the room every 20 mins, to a total of 6 clients.

For the time being there will be a set structure to your session –

1st 20 mins - Wet Area
Max 2 people. If you are sharing the area with another client then you must use Contrast Therapy - it's 1 person per tub so you need to communicate/co-ordinate timings to swap between tubs. e.g 2 mins in ice bath/hot tub then changeover & repeat 4 to 5 times, 2 people can be in the same tub at the same time if from the same household.

2nd 20 Mins - Sauna & Myofascial area
1 person in Sauna - 9 Mins Sauna & 9 Mins Hypervolt/foam rolling.  Again you need to communicate with whoever you are paired with, as to who uses the Sauna first. 2 people can be in the sauna at same time if wearing a facemask, or if from the same household.

3rd 20 Mins - Compression Boots
6 x socially distanced NORMATEC boot stations, allocated on entry. You do have the option to skip any of the other protocols if you like & go straight to the boots at any stage.


Session spaces are restricted to allow for social distancing so you do need to BOOK your session online via the website (scroll down)  or the app. Registration on Glofox is required.

We recommend that you download the Glofox App as it gives you much more useability & control.

Please remember to cancel if you cannot make it to your session, this can be done easily through the app.


Get Glofox for ANDRIOD
Get Glofox for i-PHONE

If you have any questions or would like to make a private booking or a Team booking for Infinity Recovery Room please email us at info@infinityhotyoga.ie or phone Mitch at 0872309256.


Thank you for taking the time to read through our Procedures



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