Infinity Hot Yoga Studio IS OPEN again

We’ve had to make a few changes….

Please WEAR YOUR MASK when you are NOT on your mat.

Our class places are restricted in compliance with Government Guidelines and Sport Ireland.

So please read our NEW cancellation policy before booking.

NEW Cancellation Policy:

We now have a strict 6 hour cancellation policy.

Due to restricted class numbers, every class space matters and we cannot afford to waste a space.

As numbers are limited please be mindful of others, so if you cannot make it to class we ask you to please cancel.

PAYG / Prepaid Class Credits

If you can’t make it to class you need to use the app to cancel a minimum of 6 hours in advance, failure to do so means that we cannot refund the credit.

Full Memberships / 21 Day Trial Membership

Likewise, if you can’t make it to class you need to cancel a minimum of 6 hours in advance.  If you miss the cancellation window you will be marked as absent, this will count as one strike. If you miss a second class then your account will be blocked and you will be unable to book classes for a period of two weeks, and any booked classes will be erased. No refunds can be issued by the studio in this case.


You need to cancel using the APP. So before you book make sure that you download the Glofox App.

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If you experience any difficulty booking, try downloading the Glofox App or you can contact us.


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